Galway Community Flute Days

Galway Community Flute Days, a part of the Galway Flute Academy, are outreach events that give students of all ages and abilities a chance to work and learn from Sir James and Lady Galway in a comfortable setting. The focus of the day is to learn how to play in an ensemble with others, make new friends and learn different tips to bring their playing to a higher standard.

The day begins with an informal chat with Sir James and Lady Galway, followed by separate group workshops and rehearsals in a comfortable environment. At the end of the day, all students come back together for the final Flute Choir performance for friends, family and the community, led by Sir James himself.

These events, along with Masterclasses, Residencies, Festivals, First Flute online teaching series and Live Learn streaming lessons, help share the teachings, wisdom and legacy of Sir James and Lady Galway with future musical generations around the world.

Class setup:
Students are separated into two groups according to age:
Age 16 + with Sir James Galway
Age 8–16 with Lady Galway

If it is better to separate by grade, that would also work fine, with more advanced students with Sir James. It would be best to have two separate rooms available - one for Sir James' students and one for Lady Galway's students. All attendees will need to fit in one large room at the beginning and end of the day. A detailed room setup will be given in advance, and depends on the size and facilities of the actual venue and the number of participants.

Students are required to register beforehand so that they can be sent the appropriate Flute Choir Music. They will need to print and practice this music beforehand. Students will just need to bring their printed music and music stands with them for the performance.

Proposed schedule:
30 minutes - Welcome, Introduction/Interview, Q&A Session
45 minutes - Tips & Technique (split students into 2 groups with Sir James & Lady Galway)
45 minutes - Flute Choir Rehearsal
Closing with free performance for the public/parents followed by Group Photo (all students together)

Sample Flute Choir Music:
Brian Boru's March
Danny Boy
GODDARD March of the Scarecrows
GOSSEC Tambourin
Men of Harlach
MOZART Allegro
SAINT-SAËNS The Swan (with piano)

We organize the sending of the music to the organizer well in advance. Students should be sent the music as early as possible so that they have time to practice, which is particularly helpful for the younger students. The music has been arranged in different parts to accommodate the various levels and abilities of all students. We ask the teacher/event organizer to distribute the parts evenly so as to form a choir.

The Galway Community Flute Days have been a great success and a wonderful way for students to learn from and be inspired by Sir James and Lady Galway!