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Galway Masterclasses

A part of the Galway Flute Academy, this exclusive event provides an opportunity for flutists to learn from Sir James and Lady Galway as they share their expertise with students of all levels. The focus is on learning the standard flute repertoire and
improving technique and tone production.

Each session begins with a group warm-up led by Sir James. All students are encouraged to join in this special session. The class continues with pre-selected individual performers who are then coached in front of the rest of the class by Sir James, or Lady Galway (if there are two separate classes). Classes end with a Q&A session and a group photo.

• The suggested length of the Masterclass is approximately three and a half hours.
• All classes require a pianist, page-turner and pre-approved repertoire.

Proposed Schedule (times tailored to your needs):
• Welcome & warm-ups with Sir James (and Lady Galway depending on levels) - 30-40 minutes duration
• Masterclass – 3 to 4 students receive approx. 30 minute lessons each
• Q&A session, Group Photo – approx. 15 minutes duration

Class Levels:
Sir James’ class is aimed at advanced students who should be pre-selected, either by the hosting flute professor or by submitting their name, age, short biography and an audition video recording in advance. We prefer repertoire performed with a pianist from the standard flute repertoire rather than solo works. We have found this to be far more beneficial for the student and the class. If possible, it is recommended that students memorize their piece, but is not obligatory.

Lady Galway’s classes are the same format, but focus more on the less advanced student. These classes run concurrently with Sir James’ and are of a more relaxed nature. Lady Galway concentrates on developing the foundations of flute playing, helping the student to develop a good daily practice routine and gain confidence in the pieces they are currently learning. When time allows, she can also work with the class in small ensembles.

Class Information:
All students, including those in Lady Galway’s class and Observers/Visitors, are asked to bring their flutes and participate in the warm-ups. If the Masterclass includes students that are less advanced, please let us know and Lady Galway will give a separate warm up session to run concurrently with Sir James’.

The warm-up session includes tone and technical exercises based on the French school of flute playing, with a video display for all to follow. Details of exercises to be studied during this session can be sent to the Flute professor ahead of time.

Pre-selected students should:
• Submit their choice of repertoire for approval by Sir James in advance.
• Bring an additional copy of their flute and piano part with them, to hand to Sir James &/or Lady Galway at the start of
their performance.

Class setup & technical requirements
• Video Display - All classes should include video display (where possible).
• We will send PDFs of the music ahead of time to be downloaded onto a computer to be used for the video display
• Sir James will need a microphone to address the class
• Where possible, loud speakers connected to the computer will be beneficial so that extra pre-recorded clips can be
displayed during the session.
• A detailed list of technical requirements and stage set-up diagram will be sent in advance.

These events, along with Community Flute Days, Residencies, Festivals, First Flute online teaching series and Live Learn streaming lessons, help share the teachings, wisdom and legacy of Sir James and Lady Galway with future musical generations around the world.