Welcome to the Galway Flute Academy

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The Galway Flute Academy gives flute players from across the world and change to learn online and in person with Sir James and Lady Galway. The academy is all about opportunity and giving people as many different ways to engage and learn. Below you can see some of the programmes we offer with more in development.


Our Programmes


Galway Flute Festival

We’ve been holding the Flute Festival in Weggis, Switzerland since 1988 and it keeps growing every year. This 10 day festival of classes, warm ups, concerts and workshops offers flutists of all abilities the chance to participate in a wonderfully supportive environment with the Master and other world renowned artists.


Galway Flute Masterclasses

Our Galway Masterclasses are held alongside concert performances on different tours. A part of the Galway Flute Academy, this exclusive event provides an opportunity for flutists to learn from Sir James and Lady Galway as they share their expertise with students of all levels. The focus is on learning the standard flute repertoire and improving technique and tone production.


Galway Foundations Online

This course is designed to be a foundation in flute playing for anyone, whether you are just starting out or you have been playing for a while. Over 14 lessons we cover all the basics and more to help you learn and develop your playing.


Galway Live learn

Sir James and Lady Galway are thrilled to now offer Skype lessons! Our goal is to make music education more accessible to students and professionals around the world with the many branches of the Galway Flute Academy and "in person" Skype lessons is another way to accomplish this.


Galway Residencies

Our flute residencies give players opportunities to come and play with us at different venues. More info will be coming soon on this.


Galway FlutePlayer

The FlutePlayer series has been created to help players unlock the secrets to playing some of the greatest pieces of music ever written including many pieces you will be expected to perform. Lessons allow you to play at your own pace.

We're updating our academy site.

We’re working hard in the background on our new Flute Academy and we hope to go live in 2020. The Flute Academy will give you more ways to connect and learn from the master, Sir James Galway. If you’d like to be the first to know when the site launches fill in your details below and we’ll keep you updated.

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